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Physical Rehabilitation of the Injured Athlete

6 Course Series

This series has recently been updated to the 4th edition of “Physical Rehabilitation of the Injured Athlete” by Andrews, Harrelson and Wilk. This new edition represents collaboration among orthopedists, physical therapists, and athletic trainers. It reviews the rehabilitation needs for all types of sports injuries, stressing the treatment of the entire kinetic chain with various exercises. The courses feature the latest concepts and techniques used to effectively get the athlete back on the field as quickly as possible. There are numerous tables summarizing key points of interest, and graphs demonstrating particular study outcomes. Case studies and comparisons are well documented and defined.

Physical Rehab Course 1

Rehabilitation Principles, Modalities and the Psychological Factors for the Injured Athlete

Physical Rehab Course 2

Biomechanical Implications in Shoulder and Knee Rehabilitation

Physical Rehab Course 3

Lower Extremity Rehabilitation

Physical Rehab Course 4

Cervical and Lumbar Rehabilitation

Physical Rehab Course 5

Exercise Interventions of the Upper Extremity

Physical Rehab Course 6

Functional Advanced Rehabilitation and Plyometric Training