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Psychology of Sport Injury

4 Course Series

These courses cover concepts from the textbook “Psychology of Sport Injury” by Britton W. Brewer, PhD & Charles J. Redmond, MS, MEd, ATC, LAT, PT. Discusses how to identify biological, psychological, and social underpinnings of sport injury, explores potential mechanisms by which psychosocial factors can contribute to the occurrence of sport injury, and introduces methods of sport injury prevention. Provides an in-depth look at the psychological response to sport injury, cognitive and emotional effects, pain definitions, types, dimensions, measurement, and more. Discusses the psychological factors that influence sport injury rehabilitation outcomes and the tools to measure, predict, and enhance adherence to interventions for prevention and rehabilitation of sport injury. Describes communication factors and models between athletes and sport health care professionals and identifies circumstances for psychological referral.

Psychology of Sport Injury Course 1

Understanding & Preventing Sport Injuries

Psychology of Sport Injury Course 2

Consequences of Sport Injury

Psychology of Sport Injury Course 3

Rehabilitation of Sport Injury

Psychology of Sport Injury Course 4

Communication in Sport Injury Management