Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Course 5

Examining the Hip, Pelvis and Thigh


BOC: 5.75 Continuing Education Units

Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Course 5 covers a wide range of advanced sports medicine topics relating to the hip, pelvis and thigh which include: Hip anatomy and biomechanics, diagnosis and decision making, imaging, hip arthroscopy, hip arthritis, osteotomy, and total hip arthroplasty. This course also covers other in depth information on specific injuries such athletic pubalgia, femoroacetabular impingement in athletes, snapping hip syndrome, hamstring injuries, hip and pelvis overuse injuries, and nerve entrapment lesions of the hip and thigh. This course covers chapters 79-90 of the book “Orthopaedic Sports Medicine”, 4th edition by Mark D. Miller and Stephen R. Thompson.

The passing score for this course is 80%. The course is self-paced, home study format. All materials are available ONLINE immediately after purchase and is available for 6 months. Cancellation/refund available up to 30 days after purchase.