Examination of Orthopedic and Athletic Injuries Course 15

Lumbosacral Pathologies


Examination of Orthopedic & Athletic Injuries Course 15 covers palpation, clinical evaluation, and functional-testing for the lumbar spine and sacrum. It also includes typical history, signs, symptoms, and appropriate first-aid for specific lumbar spine and sacrum pathologies. This course includes chapter 13 of the book “Examination of Orthopedic and Athletic Injures”, 5th Edition, by Chad Starkey, PhD, AT, FNATA, Blaine C. Long, PhD, AT, ATC and Julie M. Cavallario, PhD, LAT, ATC.

The passing score for this course is 80%. The course is self-paced, home study format. All materials are available ONLINE immediately after purchase and is available for 6 months. Cancellation/refund available up to 30 days after purchase.

BOC: 2.0