Examination of Orthopedic and Athletic Injuries Course 4

Knee, Patellafemoral & Hip Pathologies


BOC: 4.75 Continuing Education Units

Course 4 of the Orthopedic Evaluation series is a detailed course on knee, patellafemoral and hip pathologies. This course includes a detailed description of anatomical structure, palpation, muscle testing, joint stability testing, neurological examination, vascular examination, and common pathologies specific to each of these structures. This course includes chapters 10-12 of the book “Examination of Orthopedics and Athletic Injures” by Chad Starkey, PhD, LAT and Sara D. Brown, MS, ATC.

The passing score for this course is 80%. The course is self-paced, home study format. All materials are available ONLINE immediately after purchase and is available for 6 months. Cancellation/refund available up to 30 days after purchase.